A R T &  S c e n t  G A L L E R Y    



Connecting scents series: Heritage trees

Red Cedar, tree of Life | American heritage tree  (1)

Himalaya Cedar |  Roof of the world, listening to the earth (2)

Cedar Atlas | (.. ) Call for reflection(3)

Drawing on wood, ceramics, scent, leaf metal, silk, natural pigments

60 x 60 x 4


Absint, the green fairy

Ceramics, scent, wood, glass bell

18 H x 14 ø

Absint the Green fairy at exhibition " Eclatant"

scent: Artemisia Absinthium


Seeds of wisdom and love

Ceramics, scent

Update Photo of this work

is in progress


ART project

MOODFOOD, Brainperfume

Ceramics, scent ,

mixed materials

22 x 30 ø


Ceramics, scent,

wood, glass bell

40 x 15 ø

Adam, de som der delen

Porcelain, gold lustre,

scent, print on wood

125 x 50 x 5


Porcelain, perfumebottles,

copper lustre


Pilgrim animals

scent, art &

ART of life project

Various animal objects

Pilgrims perfume

Booklet with fablels

Pilgrim animals

miniatuur versions  (selection) Plouf 


10 x 10


Been there

Ceramics, scent,

antique suitcase

36 x 38 x 20

Song of Nekhbet

Porcelain, gold lustre,

prints on wood, cloth

remake ancient ritual scent Kyphi

105 x 77 X 13


Ceramics, steel box

remake antique perfume,

Eau del' Empereur

10 x10 x 5


ART project

Kunst van het Ondernemen

TREE Heritages ART project

Various objects

Mixed media: scent, sound, touch



mixed media: sound, scent

porcelain, antique vegetable box

40 x  46 X 21

ARTE fact World of wine

mixed media: various scents, stories, ceramics, wood

47 x  52 X 52


Scent of liberation

O n e   b y     o n e